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  • PSYCHOLOGY 130    Section: L1


    Winter Quarter 2005

    Units: 4
    Prerequisites: Psychology 1, 41, 100 and either Statistics 13 or 102, or consent of instructor.

    Course description: The goal of Psychology 130 is to provide a general overview of the recent research on human memory. The course should provide an idea of the current topics in memory research, the experimental techniques that are used in studies of memory, and current theories of memory. 


    Course format: This is a 4 unit course comprised of lectures, lab demonstrations, and discussions.  The lab session will focus on related readings from the textbook and supplemental readings.


    Course topics: Topics include the cognitive and neural mechanisms of short term memory, long-term declarative memory, and nondeclarative memory. The course will place a heavy emphasis on understanding memory from a neuroscientific perspective. In addition, we will discuss current findings on the relationship between emotion and memory, and legal and social implications of findings from memory research.


    Grading:   Grades will be based on performance on homework assignments, two midterm exams, and a final exam.


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    188 Young T   3:10 PM - 4:00 PM
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    Charan Ranganath , Ph.D. 207 Center for Neuroscience