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  • PSYCHOLOGY 141    Section: 2


    Winter Quarter 2006

    Units: 4
    Prerequisites: Psychology 1 and Psychology 41, 140, or HDE 100A or HDE 100B.

    This course will cover theories, methods, evidence, and debates in the field of cognitive development. Issues to be explored include the development of perception, attention, memory, concepts about the physical and social world, language, problem-solving, literacy and mathematics skills, and scientific reasoning from birth to adolescence.

    There will be two midterms and a final exam. This is a GE writing course, so there will be a 5-8 page research paper (both a first draft and a revision).


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    1150 Hart T R   9:00 AM - 10:20 AM
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    Kristin Lagattuta , Ph.D. 174L Young Hall Thursdays 2:30-4:30