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  • PSYCHOLOGY 165    Section: 1


    Winter Quarter 2008

    Units: 4
    Prerequisites: Psychology 1, 41, 168, and either Psychology 140 or 151.

    Course Description:  This course literally is an introduction to the field of clinical psychology -- both the body of knowledge and the profession.  Students will be introduced to the major theoretical influences for the field, and will learn about the major areas of interest and research.  Focus will be on assessment and intervention, bith from a scientific and a professional standpoint.  Specialty areas and "hot topics" will also be included.

    Course Format:  This course is comprised primarily of four hours of lectures a week.  Films, guest speakers, and in-class exercises and discussions will supplement lectures.

    Course Topics:  Topics include a brief history of the field of clinical psychology, training avenues, major theoretical influences, clinical assessment, psychological intervention, ethics, and specialty areas.  Research in each of these areas will be woven throughout the course.

    Grading:  Grades will be based on three non-cumulative examinations.  The third exam will be given at the time the final examination is scheduled.  There will also be the option for students to write a paper that reviews an area of research in the field.  This option can give students a chance to drop their lowest grade out of four grades.  This will be explained further on the first day of class. 


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    204 Art T R   2:10 PM - 4:00 PM
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    Jacqueline Horn 165B Young Hall TR noon-1:30pm