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  • PSYCHOLOGY 165    Section: 2


    Winter Quarter 2008

    Units: 4
    Prerequisites: Psychology 1, 41, 168, and either Psychology 140 or 151.





    Psychology 165 (CRN 39748)
    MW 2:10-4:00; Wellman Hall 230
                Prerequisites: Psc 1, 41, 168, or permission; Course units: 4



    Dr. Stanley Sue                                               

                 Email: ssue@ucdavis.edu; Young Hall 147; (530) 754-6173

                Office Hours:   12:00-2:00 M; 1:00-2:00 W and by appointment


    Janice Cheng, Teaching Assistant,  janiceyan_29@yahoo.com; Young Hall 149; (530)

    754-5910; office hours:  10:00-1:00 W


    Text:  Matthews, J., & Anton, B. (2008).  Introduction to Clinical Psychology. NY:

    Oxford University Press.


    Date                                        Topics                                                       Reading Chapters


    Jan         7                    History and Theory of Clinical Psychology                    1,3

                  9                    Assessment                 

                14                    Projectives vs. Structured Tests                                                4-5

                16                    Film

                23                    Projectives vs. Structured Tests                                                6-7

                28                    Validity of Assessment Tools                                       

                30                    Midterm Exam 1                                           

    Feb        4                   Special Populations                                                                   8

                  6                    Special Populations                                          

                 11                   Psychotherapy and Treatment; Film                               9-11    

                13                    Psychotherapy and Treatment; Film                             

                20                    Psychotherapy and Treatment; Film                              12

                25                    Effectiveness of Treatment                   

                27                    Midterm Exam 2                               

    Mar       3                     Confidentiality and Ethical Issues                                               2

                 5                     Forensic Issues                                                             13, 14

                10                    Guest Speaker

                12                    Community Mental Health                                                         15-16

                17                    Review and Conclusions                                              


                22                    Final Exam (3:30 pm)











                This course is intended to (1) provide knowledge of the field of clinical psychology which involves the symptoms and manifestations of behavioral disturbances, the diagnosis/assessment and treatment of these disturbances, and evaluating the effectiveness of treatments and interventions; (2) analyze psychological research and clinical cases pertinent to the field, and (3) develop critical thinking skills on clinical psychology issues. 



                The course will have a lecture/discussion format.  Guest speakers, as well as demonstrations and class Exercises, will be included.  Students are expected to participate in the class exercises.  We will have extensive use of powerpoint slides.  Slides presented in class will be available for downloading.  For a given lecture, I will try to post the powerpoint slides 24 hours in advance on the MyUCDavis website for the course.  To have a successful experience in the course, you must check MyUCDavis regularly.  It is your responsibility to check for announcements and course requirements that may be posted.


    Instructor and Office Hours

    This class is taught by Dr. Stanley Sue, who is a faculty member in the Departments of Psychology and Asian American Studies.  Listed above are the office hours.  These hours are set aside for this class, so feel free to visit during office hours.  If it is impossible to meet during office hours, you can schedule other times with the instructor. 



    Your grade is determined by:  (1) two midterm exams, the first is worth about 25% and the second is worth about 30%; (2) a final exam worth about 45% of your grade.  The final exam will be cumulative in nature but will emphasize the last third of the course.  Exams are multiple choice and essay in nature. 


    Exams are based on all readings and class activities (lectures, demonstrations, guest speakers, etc.)  No makeup exams will be given to students who miss exams, unless a legitimate and written excuse is given.   Makeup exams are essay in nature. 


    As announced in class, there may be several required, brief assignments.




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    Classroom Class Schedule Course Website
    230 Wellman M W   2:10 PM - 4:00 PM
    Instructor Instructor Email Office Office Hours
    Stanley Sue * 12:00-2:00 M; 1:00-2:00 W and by appointment