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    Fall Quarter 2004

    Units: 4
    Prerequisites: Psychology 1, 41 and four upper division Psychology courses and consent of instructor.

    Course Goals: This course emphasizes comparative study of human perception and cognition, emphasizing the manner in which humans perceived their natural environment and make behavioral decisions. Some facets of behavioral development will studied.


    Course Format

    1.  Schedule: Two hours pr week of formal class meetings where students present research progress reports and summary of findings; one-to-two hours per week of individual instruction.

    2.  Term paper: Research topic will relate to the course emphasis on perception and cognition in the field and laboratory. Students will provide 20-30 page research report based on formal guidelines related to specific journals.

    3.  Exams: None

    4.  Grading: Letter grades will be based on the quality of the research and the term paper describing methodology and findings. Students will present their research findings in a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation during the last day of class.


    Course Outline: The course will be comprised of individual or team research studies of environment- organism interactions (solitary or social circumstances) as affected by: a) the perceptual features of the environment, b) changing social conditions, c) experimental manipulation of different situations, c) age and experience, and d) biologically relevant circumstances.


    Two research environments will be considered:

    1.  Field observations combined with specific classification and quantification of behaviors elicited in natural or artificially manipulated settings.

    2.  Laboratory analysis and quantification of behavior in artificial settings, which will include the development of questionnaires, and behavioral measurements taken from video recordings of behavior.


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    Classroom Class Schedule Course Website
    145 Young T R   4:10 PM - 5:00 PM
    Instructor Instructor Email Office Office Hours
    Richard Coss , Ph.D. 105 Young Hall MW 2:00-3:30pm