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    Spring Quarter 2006

    Units: 4
    Prerequisites: Psychology 1, 41 and four upper division Psychology courses and consent of instructor.


    Course description: The purpose of this course is to examine current theories of how discourse is processed in the brain. Our particular focus will be on the unique role of the right hemisphere in discourse processing. We will start with basic information on language processing and the neural systems that underlie language. We will then read research documenting discourse deficits in right-hemisphere damaged patients and discuss three different theories of how the right hemisphere supports language functions. The class will decide which of these theories to pursue as a final class project. The project will involve library research on the topic, the development of a research plan to pursue the topic, and a grant proposal describing the plan.


    Course format: This is a 4 unit course with a seminar/presentation format.


    Course topics: Topics include hemispheric laterality, theories of sentence and discourse processing


    Grading:   Grades will be based on class participation, a series of in-class presentations and a final grant proposal.



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    157 Young R   6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    Instructor Instructor Email Office Office Hours
    Debra Long , Ph.D. 101 Young Hall TR 2:10-3:30