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    Winter Quarter 2007

    Units: Varies
    Prerequisites: Upper division standing in Psychology and consent of instructor.

    Course description: This course provides an opportunity to gain academic credit while also gaining experience in applied psychology.  Students find an internship in the community, keep a weekly journal of how their experience relates to the field of psychology and write a term paper that integrates their experience with psychological research. The undergrad advising office has a list of internships that individuals have found in the past, but these are not the only options.  Contact Marsha March (mdmarch@ucdavis.edu) for this list. 


    Course format: This is a variable unit course (maximum of 6 units per quarter).  The number of units depends on the number of hours the students internship will require (30 hours = 1 unit).  The length of the paper also varies from 6-16, depending on the number of units registered.


    Course information and application:



    Contact information:  For approval of your internship for 192 credit and for a syllabus, contact Christi Bamford (cbamford@ucdavis.edu). 


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    Phillip Shaver , Ph.D. 103 Young Hall