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  • PSYCHOLOGY 192    Section:


    Fall Quarter 2004

    Units: Varies
    Prerequisites: Upper division standing in Psychology and consent of instructor.

    Summary of Requirements


    1. Completion of enrollment application, preferably before tenth day of instruction. This now includes

    a form to be signed by your supervisor.

    2. It is essential that we meet at least once during the term to discuss your term paper topic. Your

    term paper topic should be approved no later than the eighth week of class.

    3. Submission of activity log no later than 5:00 PM, Monday, December 13, 2004.

    4. Submission of supervisors evaluation no later than 5:00 PM, Monday, December 13, 2004.

    5. Submission of term paper no later than 5:00 PM, Monday, December 13, 2004.


    Please read term paper instructions carefully and note that the goal is to integrate your experiences in the field with research and theory in psychology (in other words, what you have learned in your courses and the library). The term paper is neither a library paper nor a diary but a combination of the two.


    Course Requirements


    Units              Time Commitment Term Paper Length

    1                   3-5 hr. per week (min. 30 hr. total) 06 PPS.

    2                   6-8 hr. per week (min. 60 hr. total) 08 PPS.

    3                   9-11 hr. per week (min 90 hr. total) 10 PPS

    4                   12-14 hr. per week (min. 120 hr. total) 12 PPS

    5                   15-17 hr. per week (min 150 hr. total) 14 PPS

    6                   18 + hr. per wk. (min. 180 hr. total) 16 PPS.


    1. Psychology 192 offers 1 to 6 units of pass/no pass credit to upper division students who are involved in fieldwork in psychology. Psychology 192 may be repeated once for credit. No more than twelve 192 units are allowed, this includes 192 units taken in other departments.


    2. Only the first four Psychology 192 units count towards the upper division units required for the Psychology major. The remainder count only as part of the upper division units required for graduation.


    3. Psychology 192 units must have upper division standing and we recommend a minimum of five upper division psychology courses (this includes courses taken concurrently with Psychology 192). The point is that you need a strong enough background to tackle the term paper.


    4. The fieldwork itself must take place in a setting and involve activities that have received approval of the instructor.


    5. As shown in the above Table, the number of units depends partly on the degree of commitment to the internship setting. The basic formula is 1 unit of credit per 3 hr. per week commitment per 10-week period. Thus, interns are expected to serve a total of 30 hours for one unit of credit. There is some room for negotiation. (If the internship begins after the first week of class, hours missed during the first week can be made up.)


    6. One requirement is an Activity Log or Diary that provides a brief summary of each weeks activities during the internship. The Activity Log should describe the kinds of training received, the kinds of services performed, and personal observations about the internship setting. Entries may be brief and not be typewritten. The Activity Log is due no later than 5:00pm, Monday, December 13, 2004.


    7. At the beginning of the term you will be asked to get your supervisor to indicate his or her willingness to serve as your mentor. Additionally, your supervisor will be asked to comment on your performance at the end of the term. Supervisors explicit agreement to serve as a sponsor and to provide a brief evaluation of your work in the internship setting is a new requirement.


    8. The central requirement is a Term Paper (typewritten, normal margins, 12-pt. type, doublespaced). The length is from 6 to 16 pages, including references, and the length depends on the number of units involved. (See Table on preceding page.) This paper must relate experiences in the internship setting to material covered in Psychology or closely related courses (such as Human Development, Community Development, Education, Animal Behavior, Communication, Anthropology or Sociology). The integration should be explicit: describe actual theories, studies, or results, and cite actual references. It helps to supplement your course work with some library research, since only rarely do specific courses provide you with enough depth to do a good paper. The paper is due no later than 5:00pm Monday, December 13, 2004.


    9. You can confer with me as often as you want, but we should touch bases at least once during the term. We need at least one conference for me to approve your term paper topic, and this should occur no later than the eighth week of class. You may find it helpful to show me your outline and describe your references and I will even pre-read your paper and make suggestions for improvement if you get it to me at least a week in advance of the due-date.. I will be happy to return your paper and discuss it with you during my regular office hours during the Winter 2005 office hours.




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