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  • PSYCHOLOGY 204A    Section:


    Fall Quarter 2004

    Units: 5
    Prerequisites: Statistics 102 or the equivalent and graduate student standing in Psychology or consent of instructor. See instructor for CRN.

    Course Description:

    The purpose of this course is to introduce students to techniques for statistical analysis of

    psychological experiments.



    Lecture/discussion and computer applications (10 weeks)


    Grading and Grading Policy:

    Letter grade

    (1) Midterm (30% of grade)

    (2) Final (40% of grade)

    (3) Homework assignments (30% of grade)



    William L. Hays (1994). Statistics. Harcourt Brace College Publishers, Orlando, Florida.


    Topical Outline

    1.   Introduction

    2.   Probability

    3.   Central Tendency, Variability, and Sampling

    4.   Hypothesis Testing

    5.   Null-Hypothesis, Chi-square, F-distributions

    6.   Linear Model

    7.   Comparing Means

    8.   Factorial Designs

    9.   Analysis of Variance

    10. Least Squares and Alternative Hypothesis

    11. Problems in Regression


    Textbook Information not Available Yet
    Classroom Class Schedule Course Website
    188 Young T R F   10:00 AM - 12:00 PM http://psychology.ucdavis.edu/students/website.cfm?csc_id=387
    Instructor Instructor Email Office Office Hours
    Emilio Ferrer , Ph.D. 174C Young Hall W 1-3 / Young 174C