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  • PSYCHOLOGY 204D    Section:


    Spring Quarter 2006

    Units: 5
    Prerequisites: Psychology 204 A or the equivalent or consent of instructor. Not open for credit for students who have completed Psychology 205.

    Course description: This course covers advanced statistical procedures based on experimental data.


    Course format: This is a 4 unit course comprised of discussion and laboratory sessions.


    Course topics: Topics include the practice of dichotomization, one-way between subjects design; planned and post-hoc comparisons; two-way between-subjects factorial designs; higher-order between-subjects factorial designs; designs with concomitant variables: ANCOVA and blocking; random factors; nested designs; one-way within-subjects designs; higher-order designs with within-subjects factors; power analysis.


    Grading:   Grades will be based on one article summary, one class lecture, five lab assignments, weekly question, weekly quiz




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    Classroom Class Schedule Course Website
    188 Young W   9:00 AM - 11:50 PM
    Instructor Instructor Email Office Office Hours
    Shelley Blozis , Ph.D. 174F Young Hall Wed 1:15-3:45