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    Fall Quarter 2011

    Units: 3

    Course Description:  This class is intended to provide students with a rudimentary understanding of how the Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI) works, how to design a good FMRI experiment, how the data are processed and analyzed, and how to make good inferences from the results. The class is very useful if you plan to do FMRI research and also if you plan to read or review a lot of imaging papers.


    You might be asking yourself, "Should I take this class?" I would say the answer is yes if:

    (a) you are interested in doing MRI research, but don't know much about it

    (b) you read a lot of MRI research, and would like to be able to think more critically about it.

    (c) You are currently doing MRI research, but feel that you don't know the principles behind it, particularly with respect to the physiology of the BOLD response, MRI data processing, or analysis.



    * This Fall I have set the class schedule to be TuTh 3-4:30pm at the Center for Neuroscience Conference Room.


    * The class may be listed as full, but I will take anyone who wants to register. Graduate students, advanced undergraduates, postdocs, and anyone else who wants to learn about FMRI is welcome to register the class. The CRN is: 84265


    * I will allow people to audit but ONLY if you are NOT eligible for course credit. The survival of the class depends on getting an adequate number of students enrolled each year. If you are not a student, you still can officially enroll in the class through UC extension open campus. See me for details.


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    TBA T R   3:10 PM - 4:30 PM
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    Charan Ranganath , Ph.D. 207 Center for Neuroscience