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  • PSYCHOLOGY 270    Section: 2


    Spring Quarter 2010

    Units: 4
    Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. Enrollment will be limited.
    Course Description:  Happiness is a fundamental concern of human existence. This years Campus Community Book Project was Eric Weiners The Geography of Bliss. Weiner spoke at the Mondavi Center in December, and the topic of happiness has been the focus of numerous lectures on the Davis and Sacramento campuses throughout the academic year. As a capstone for this years theme, in spring quarter I will offer a graduate seminar, The Science of Subjective Well-Being (PSC 270). We will examine key determinants of human happiness, emphasizing culture, economics, and personality. The questions that will be addressed will include: How is subjective well-being defined and measured? What is the link between sociocultural factors (economics, politics, and religion) and happiness? Why are conservatives happier than liberals? What are the personality traits of the happy person? What are the consequences of happiness? How might people become happier, if they want to? Answers to questions such as these are fundamental to our understanding of human functioning and flourishing. If you are interested in the answers to these questions and others, please join us.


    Book Title: Gross National Happiness
    Author: Arthur C. Brooks
    Copyright Year: 2008
    ISBN: 978-0-465-00278-8

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    145 Young R   9:00 AM - 11:50 AM
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    Robert Emmons , Ph.D. 102'0' Young Hall