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  • PSYCHOLOGY 290    Section: 1


    Fall Quarter 2007

    Units: 4
    Prerequisites: Graduate standing or consent of instructor. See instructor for CRN.
    The development of emotion is a topic of life-long relevance, central to psychological growth, and applicable to a variety of applied and public policy concerns. This seminar will explore central issues related to the development of emotion, including the developing neurobiological architecture of emotion, emotional development in infancy (incl. temperamental foundations), the growth of emotion understanding, the influence of relational experience, the development of self-referential emotions, "moral" emotions (e.g., empathy) and their development, emotion and parent-child communication, emotion regulation, emotion development in adolescence, emotional development and culture, emotion and developing adult experience, and emotional growth and developmental psychopathology. Our focus will be on prevailing functionalist approaches to emotional development rather than structuralist approaches. Readings will be drawn from the research literature, and participants will be asked to lead one of the seminar sessions as well as to write an integrative review paper on a topic of his or her choice.


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    Ross Thompson , Ph.D. 279 Young Hall 2-4 p.m., Wednesdays