Brain and Social Cognition Lab (BASC Lab)

Lindsay Bowman
Lidsay Bowman

​The Brain and Social Cognition lab is working to uncover how the 'social brain' develops! As humans, we navigate a complex social world in which we communicate, cooperate, and empathize; we reason about the covert contents of the mind to predict and explain overt behavior. From a young age, infants and children are forming the building blocks of social understanding and competent social behavior. We're particularly interested in how the brain supports this development, and we conduct behavioral research in conjunction with the use of EEG, ERP, and fNIRS to examine the neural correlates of social cognition.

We are primarily recruiting research assistants to join our behavioral coding team to help with a longitudinal study examining the development of empathy in preschool children. Other duties may include helping run participant visits in lab (with EEG and behavioral testing), participant recruitment, EEG and behavioral data processing and analysis, and literature searches. No prior experience in any of these activities is required, though applicants must be highly motivated to learn new skills.

Prerequisities (if any)

​An excellent academic record, professionalism, reliability, detail-oriented, and highly motivated. Ideal candidates are students of sophomore or junior standing who are expected to commit to a minimum of 2 quarters (summer not included), and dedicate about 10 hours a week to lab work (but specific scheduling of hours can be flexible). Summer availability preferred.


Natural science or social science credit available. Located off campus at the Center for Mind and Brain (202 Cousteau Place).

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Jillian McLenithan

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