Cog. Neuro: Typical People & People w/Schizophrenia


Steve Luck


Our laboratory studies visual attention and short-term memory in healthy young adults, and we collaborate with laboratories in Baltimore and Sacramento that test patients with schizophrenia and matched control subjects.  Most experiments involve traditional cognitive psychology techniques.  Some experiments also involve recording brain waves.  Students in our lab typically begin by running cognitive experiments, which includes scheduling subjects, explaining the task, operating the computers, and monitoring the data.  As they gain experience, students may become involved in designing experiments, analyzing data, and running brain-wave experiments. The undergraduate students in the lab have a weekly meeting with the professor and the lab manager in which we discuss journal articles, ongoing experiments, and a variety of other issues related to cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience. We encourage students to apply as early as their freshman year. For information about how to apply, see

Prerequisities (if any)

​ The minimum cumulative GPA is 3.2.  Applicants must be responsible, dedicated, and motivated.

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Aaron Simmons

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