Structural MRI studies of fragile X premutation

Instructor Name Susan Rivera
Credit Type Natural Science
Short Title Structural MRI studies of fragile X premutation
Complete Description of 199

​Research assistants will assist in analyzing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data to quantify brain structural damage in fragile X premutation. They will be trained to perform segmentations of brain structures and conduct diffusion tensor tractography to reconstruct major white matter fiber tracts. Current projects include the studies of distribution and fraction of white matter hyperintensities in males with FMR1 normal and premutation alleles and quantifying structural changes for predicting progression of neurodegeneration. Work will also include reading scientific materials relevant to the project on which the student is working.

List Prerequisites
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Commitment of at least 2 quarters with minimum 6 hours/week is required. We are looking for students who are detail orientated with knowledge and interests in neuroanatomy and with a GPA of 3.0 and above.
Additional Comments
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Committed students have the opportunities of involved in manuscript writing and conducting individual projects.
Contact person Jun Yi Wang