Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Lab

Instructor Name Tamara Swaab
Credit Type Natural Science
Short Title Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Lab
Complete Description of 199

Our laboratory studies language comprehension in healthy young adults, healthy older adults and individuals with language deficits. We are looking for undergraduate research assistants for Professor Swaab's Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Lab in the Social Sciences Building across from Young Hall. Students will be involved in creating stimuli (texts, audio files, and pictures), collecting and analyzing data from behavioral and electrophysiological studies and other related tasks. We encourage students to apply as early as their freshman year. For information about how to apply, see

List Prerequisites
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We seek highly motivated, well-organized, responsible and dedicated students with an interest in the cognitive neuroscience of normal or impaired language comprehension in monolinguals or bilinguals or across the lifespan. The minimum cumulative GPA is 3.2.  
Additional Comments
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This is a great opportunity for highly motivated and responsible students who are interested in obtaining research experience. We require a registration of at least 3 units (9 hours/week).​
Contact person Tamara Swaab
Phone 530-752-4207