Collaborative START Lab

Instructor Aubyn Stahmer / Sally Rogers
Credit Type Social Science
Short Title Collaborative START Lab

Our lab at the UC Davis MIND Institute is currently seeking highly motivated, organized, and responsible volunteer research assistants who are interested in autism, early intervention, communication development, development of play, and early development in general. Students are responsible for assisting with behavioral therapy visits and clinical assessments. This includes preparing visit materials, filming the visits, collecting data and cleaning the room materials. Students have a chance to interact with and attend meetings with behavioral clinicians and researchers while learning about various aspects of early childhood development, early diagnostic tools, and behavioral treatments for toddlers diagnosed with ASD. There are also opportunities to learn behavioral coding and collect field data for students who have been in the lab for some time (i.e. at least 1-2 quarters). 

 A one year commitment is required.  Completion of Developmental Psychology (PSC 140), Research Methods in Psychology (PSC 41), General Psychology (PSC 1) or the equivalent.  3.2 GPA minimum.

Motivated sophomores and juniors are especially encouraged to apply. We require a registration of at least 2-3 units (6-9 hours/week).


Applicants should send their resumes to either Karina or Raechel.



Aubyn Stahmer is a primary PI on this project, whose primary appointment is in Psychiatry, not Psychology.  

Contact Person 1
Karina Chavez
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Contact Phone 916-703-0379
Contact Person 2 Raechel Paterson
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Contact Phone 916-703-0319