Infant Cognition Lab


Lisa Oakes

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Social Science

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Infant Cognition Lab


Students work in the infant cognition lab testing infants, coding infant behavior from recordings, working with data, creating stimuli, and other tasks related to conducting studies on the development of cognitive skills in infancy. There are opportunities to learn programming, desgining experiments, and many students end up conducting independent research progjects (after a year in the lab).


A 2-quarter commitment is required. Completion of Psc 140, Psc 100, HDE 100A, or the equivalent. A 3.0 GPA


This is a fun lab where students work as part of a team with staff, post-docs and graduate students. There are opportunities for individual projects and honors projects for students who are in the lab for a period of time (e.g., after 2 quarters).

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Michaela DeBolt

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