Women's Reproductive Health & Assisted Conception (Spring 2018)

Joanna Scheib
Joanna Scheib

We are looking for motivated and responsible students to assist in Spring 2018 with research on the experiences and well-being of families created through donor insemination and other forms of assisted reproduction. Research questions include (i) the role of family relationships, openness and functioning in the well-being of donor-conceived adults, (ii) the experiences of being raised in non-traditional families, (iii) the effect of open-identity donation on recipient and donor families, and (iv) the outcome of releasing donor identities to donor-conceived adults.

Research assistants have the opportunity to be involved in quantitative and qualitative analyses of psychosocial interviews with donor-conceived adults and weekly lab meetings discussing the current literature. Research is conducted in collaboration with The Sperm Bank of California.

Prerequisities (if any)

​PSC 41 (research methods) or equivalent. Minimum 3.2 GPA. A minimum two-unit, two-quarter commitment is required. No prior research experience is necessary.


Natural or social science credit available. For more info about our lab click HERE

If interested, submit a letter of interest and resume IN FEBRUARY-MARCH 2018 to Emily McCormick, emccormick@ucdavis.edu

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Emily McCormick

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