Research Opportunities

PSC 1 and PSC 41 Research Subject Participation

What is the reason for the research participation requirement? Psychology students learn about research partly by participating in it. Where the topics include human cognition, emotion and behavior, one can learn about research partly by being the subject of it. For FAQs and research sign up information check out this link:!

Psychology 99 or 199

Apply to volunteer as a research assistant in a psychology department faculty member's lab. Labs are located on campus and at other sites, including the Center for Mind and Brain and the UC Davis Mind Institute and the California National Primate Research Center. Check the 199/99 database to see research projects that are available, or inquire via email or in-person to individual faculty. It is important to be aware of the research actually being done in the lab before asking to participate! Be respectful and indicate why you want to work in that particular lab. Research Assistant positions are competitive, and there may be a GPA requirement or prior coursework required.

Receiving Unit Credit for Research

IMPORTANT: Students are responsible for signing up for their units and changing the VARIABLE units to the number that they plan to take. Students earn 1 unit of credit per every 30 hours they complete in a quarter. This comes out to about 3 hours per week of working in the lab. PSYCHOLOGY 199 FORMS are available in the forms rack next to the Advising Office in 101 Young Hall or in a PDF below. Forms should be turned into the Advising Office once the student has a CRN. Your lab manager or PI should have the CRN, but students can also receive the CRN from one of the Psychology major advisers. The deadline to sign up for PSC 199 with a CRN is the 12th day of instruction.