Olivia Atherton (UC-Davis)

Developmental Consequences of Low Self-Control: A Data Medly- Social-Personality Brown Bag Series

Nov 02, 2015
from 12:10 PM to 01:30 PM

166 Young Hall

Abstract: A large amount of previous research has demonstrated the detrimental effects of having lower self-control for outcomes related to health, relationships, crime, and achievement. Further, much time and effort has been dedicated toward implementing interventions to increase self-control in children and adults. However, relatively little is known about the mechanisms andconditions under which self-control exerts its influence on life outcomes. We use data from the California Families Project to demonstrate how self-control may affect outcomes, such as drug use initiation and the development of antisocial behavior, in adolescence. Implications and future directions for research and prevention/intervention will be discussed.

Filed under: Social-Personality