Self & Social Identity Laboratory (SASI) (Pickett)

The SASI Lab conducts research within the areas of social identity, intergroup relations, the self, social cognition and self-regulatory processes.

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Research Topics

Social Identification

This research seeks to understand the motivations that may be served by memberships in social groups and how these motivations shape individuals’ perceptions of themselves and other group members.

Social Inclusion and Belonging

A large body of work now demonstrates the maladaptive consequences of rejection, research is just beginning to explore the mechanisms that may exist to ensure social inclusion. The goal of our research in this area has been to help fill this gap in knowledge.

Perceived Entitativity

This research studies the role that perceived entitativity—the extent to which social aggregates are seen as coherent units—plays in the judgments that perceivers make about groups and group members.