Sexual Orientation: Science, Education, and Policy Lab (Herek)

Professor Herek's original empirical research has addressed sexual prejudice and stigma and HIV/AIDS-related stigma in the US population, and the mental health consequences of hate crimes and other expressions of stigma targeting lesbians and gay men. His current research program focuses mainly on issues of prejudice and stigma, especially as they apply to sexual orientation and HIV/AIDS.

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Research Topics

Sexual Prejudice

Prejudice against lesbians and gay men remains widespread in US society, although the public appears to be increasingly opposed to discrimination based on sexual orientation.

HIV/AIDS-related Stigma

HIV/AIDS-related stigma (or, more simply, HIV stigma) refers to prejudice, discounting, discrediting, and discrimination directed at people perceived to have AIDS or HIV, and the individuals, groups, and communities with which they are associated.

Hate Crimes

Hate crimes are criminal actions intended to harm or intimidate people because of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or other minority group status. They are also referred to as bias crimes.