Early Risk Study (at the MIND Institute)

Instructor: Meghan Miller

Credit Type: Natural Science


The goal of the study is to understand the very earliest manifestations of autism and ADHD in infancy. We use prospective methods to track the onset of symptoms and better understand underlying mechanisms that might put infants at risk of developing autism and ADHD. In this study, infants with either an older sibling with autism, ADHD, or typical development are followed between the ages of 12 months and 3 years. When the children are 3 years old, we make preliminary diagnostic determinations (autism, ADHD, speech-language delay, other concerns, or no concerns). We then examine how these outcomes are related to performance on our assessments before age 3, with the eventual goal of developing better methods for early detection of autism and ADHD.

RA Duties include:

  • Behavioral coding of early ADHD- or autism-related behaviors
  • Scoring of developmental assessments
  • Videotaping developmental assessments of infants from 12 to 36 months of age
  • Data entry and administrative tasks

Prerequisites (if any)

  1. ​You must commit to a minimum of 9 hours per week for one calendar year. The hours are flexible to accommodate class schedules during business hours (8am to 5:30pm, M-F).
  2. Email Annie Chuang () for the Volunteer Application to apply!


Located off campus at the MIND Institute on the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento.

Contact Email

Annie Chuang ()