Psychology Seminars - Spring 2018







Spring 2018


Developmental Psychology in the Media 

Prof. Katie Graf Estes is offering a small seminar in Developmental Psychology:
Developmental Psychology in the Media” (PSC 190 (001)).

Meeting time: Fridays 9-11:50 

Location: Center for Mind and Brain (267 Cousteau Pl) **Off-Campus**

Instructor: Katharine Graf Estes

In the course, we will watch, read, and listen to materials related to the topics covered in Developmental Psychology. We will watch documentaries and fictional stories related to development, listen to podcasts (like Radiolab), and read both popular press (like Parentsmagazine or Scientific American) and academic articles (like Child Development or Psychological Science)We will cover topics such as the influences of innate and environmental forces on development, how parenting and peer relationships affect development, autism, deafness, race, and the development of gender representations.

Prerequisites: To enroll, students should have completed or currently enrolled in Developmental Psychology (PSC 140) or Human Development 100A and 100B.

Course requirements:

1.  Every student will be required to participate in every class.

The course is specifically for students who are excited about the topic because the class will be discussion-based. Grades will be based on contributing to the discussion, short writing assignments, and presentations. There will be a strict attendance policy.

2.  Students will be required to attend a final session during finals week (anticipated Tuesday, June 12 1:00-3:00).

If you are interested, please email with the Subject: PSC190 Spring. Please confirm whether you have taken the prerequisite and will be available for the final session. The maximum enrollment will be 20 students.  

Evolution and Development of the Brain

PSC 190 (002):  Evolution and Development of the Brain.

Class Meeting time:  Tuesday, 2:10 – 5 PM
CRN: 78209
Class Meeting place:  Center for Neuroscience (**Off Campus)
           1544 Newton Ct., Room 113

In this seminar series, we read both classic and modern papers on brain evolution and development in a variety of animals.  We focus on brain-body interactions and the rules of brain construction, as well as the constraints imposed on evolving nervous systems.  Subject matter ranges from morphology and function of shark eyes to tool use in human and non-human primates, to the effect of daily interaction with machines on brain development.   Students read and discuss reading assignments and each student is expected to present to the class and lead the discussion of at least one paper or review.   

Prerequisites: None

The Psychology of Happiness

Meeting time: W 9-11:50AM
Location: Olson 109
Instructor: Wiebke Bleidorn 

Description: This one-quarter course provides an introduction to the study of topics related to happiness and the positive aspects of human experience. The first part of the course will focus on the basic areas of research in positive psychology and the methods that researchers use to study happiness, while the second half will broaden the focus to include big-picture issues and real-world applications. Topics include the nature and measurement of happiness, gratitude, authenticity, self-esteem, and positive ageing.
Pre-requisites: PSC01, PSC41, PSC 162
If you are interested, please email with the 
Subject: PSC190 Spring.