Fall Scheduling

Your most urgent questions probably have to do with Fall scheduling! Here’s the basics:

Key terms:
Upper division vs. lower divisionAt Davis, upper division courses are numbered 100-199. Lower division are numbered 1-099. Depth Subject Matter’ is a common phrase that means upper division coursework.

All of your community college coursework is lower division. Key point: Since CC coursework is lower division, you will not have credit for any upper division coursework here. For example, if you took an Abnormal Psychology class at your community college, you do not have credit for PSC 168 here. So you can take Abnormal Psychology again, and will have an advantage because you have seen some of the material before.

A.B. or B.A.?They are the same thing! The college of L&S uses the Latin ‘artium baccalaureus’ instead of Bachelor of Arts.

You will use Schedule Builder to Register: my.ucdavis.edu -> Academics drop-down -> Registering for Classes
IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING PREREQUISITES: As an incoming transfer, not all of your transferring coursework has been processed & put in the system yet. This means that Schedule Builder does not know whether you have prerequisites for a class. So, you will need to fill out Prerequisite Petitions for most of the classes you will register for. This is normal, and your seat is held in the class. The petition will go away once your transcripts are processed and you officially have the prerequisites in the system.

You should take 12 units, which usually means three 4-unit classes

If you want to take more, you should take a MAXIMUM of 15 units. (Three 4-unit classes + one 2- or 3-unit lower division class)

A minimum of 12 units is needed to be a full-time student and receive financial aid.

You should take two classes towards your major, and one other class. 
The other class should be towards a minor, double major, other interest; or just to reach the unit requirements.