GE Credit

Many of the courses you will be taking for your Psychology major can be used for GE credit. Use the list below to plan your classes at UC Davis.

PSC Courses with GE Credit:

PSC 001/001Y—General Psychology (4)- SS

PSC 012Y—Data Visualization in the Social Sciences (4)- QL, VL

PSC 041—Research Methods in Psychology (4)- QL

PSC 051—Relationship Science: Lust, Love, and Evolution (4)- SE, SS

PSC 103A&B—Statistical Analysis of Psychological Data (5 each)- QL

PSC 104—Applied Psychometrics: An Introduction to Measurement Theory (4)- QL

PSC 120—Agent-Based Modeling (4)- QL

PSC 132—Language and Cognition (4)- WE

PSC 133—Neuroeconomics/Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making (4)- SL, SS

PSC 136—Psychology of Music (4)- WE

PSC 139—Advanced Cognitive Neuroscience (4)- SL

PSC 141—Cognitive Development (4)- WE

PSC 142—Social and Personality Development (4)- SS, WE

PSC 143—Infant Development (4)- WE

PSC 145—Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (4)- SL

PSC 146—The Development of Memory (4)- WE

PSC 151—Social Psychology (4)- DD

PSC 157—Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Stigma (4)- DD

PSC 162—Introduction to Personality Psychology (4)- SS

PSC 168—Abnormal Psychology (4)- SS

PSC 170—Psychology of Religion (4)- WE

PSC 185—History of Psychology (4)- SS, WE

PSC 194HA&B—Special Study for Honors Students (3 each)- WE

*This list only includes GE3 attributes. Please reference the General Catalog for information about GE2 attributes. 

**Some of the courses above have WE (Writing Experience), however that does not satisfy the Upper Division Writing Requirement (UWP 101/102/104) required by the College of Letters and Science.