Study Abroad in Psychology and Cognitive Science


Study Abroad comes in many different opportunities—2-week Seminars Abroad, Summer Abroad, Internships Abroad, Quarter Abroad, US Domestic Programs, and year-long immersion programs! Explore and find what's right for you. Academic advisors and study abroad advisors are available to help you plan your abroad experience. 

Find Your Major Requirements Abroad

  • Listed here are examples of the what PSC?CGS major courses you can find abroad - just click on your emphasis below.
  • Use the table (at bottom of page) to see pre-approved courses that can be applied to your major requirements. This table is specifically for UCEAP programs.
  • Click "Pre-Approved STEM Courses Abroad" to locate courses for various major requirements through UC Davis Study Abroad.

Psychology A.B.
Psychology B.S. - Biological Emphasis
Psychology B.S. - Quantitative Emphasis
Cognitive Science A.B.
Cognitive Science B.S. - Neuroscience Emphasis
Cognitive Science B.S. - Computational Emphasis

UC Davis Study Abroad Programs & Internships

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Internships Abroad for Global Health
Abroad Programs & Internships for Psychology

New for Summer 2020: Psychology of Personality (PSC 162) in Germany and Cognitive Neuroscience (PSC 135) in Italy

Psychology Internships Abroad: Students can earn units toward their major for internships in Ireland and New Zealand. These internships have two options for earning units:

Option #1: 2 Psychology Elective Units
Combination of EAP 192 (4-6 units) and PSC 198 (2 units); only PSC 198 may be applied to the Elective requirement of the PSC major
Workload: internship hours (number of hours varies by country and experience), weekly journal entries

Option #2: 6 Psychology Elective Units
Combination of EDU 192 (4 units) and PSC 198 (2 units); all 6 units may be applied to the Elective requirement in the PSC major 
Workload: additional internship hours (180 minimum), weekly journal entries, and a 16-page term paper with drafts
See the PSC 192 syllabus for more information

Physics Abroad

Psychology & Cognitive Science BS majors: Complete your entire PHY series abroad in the summer!
England, students cannot participate in both Physics and Psychology programs in the same summer
Hong Kong


As a result of the funding from the UCEAP Academic Integration Grant, studying Psychology and Cognitive Science abroad is now more accessible than ever!

Use the database below to explore courses from around the world that you can count toward your major in Psychology or Cognitive Science.

**NOTE: The review of how these courses will be applied to the Psychology major is still in progress. Visit Advising in Young 101 for questions about applying these courses to the PSC major.**