Psychology Minor



Pre-Fall 2016 Minor Checklist (If you entered UCD prior to Fall 2016, you should follow this minor structure.)

Effective Fall 2016 Minor Requirements: Psychology 41 and completion of 20 upper division Psychology units. These units must include at least one course from each Core Group A through D, plus enough PSC elective units to total 20 upper division units. This usually turns out to be a class from each Core group and one elective. PSC 192/198/199 units may also be used as elective units. You must have a combined grade point average of 2.0 in all courses required for the minor.

You may take courses P/NP for the minor, as long as the GPA in the remaining courses is at least a 2.0.


Core Group A
Perception, Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience

Core Group B

Core Group C

Core Group D

100(Y): Introduction to Cognitive Psychology  

101: Introduction to Psychobiology

151: Social Psychology

140** or HDE 100A or HDE 100B: Developmental Psychology

130: Human Learning & Memory

113: Developmental Psychobiology

152: Social Cognition

141/HDE 101: Cognitive Development

131: Perception

121: Physiological Psychology

154: Psychology of Emotion

142 /HDE 102: Social and Personality Development

132: Language and Cognition

123/NPB 152 (3 units):  Horomones & Behavior

158: Sexual Orientation & Prejudice

143: Infant Development

135: Cognitive Neuroscience

124/NPB 124: Comparative Neuroanatomy

161: Psychology of the Self

146: The Development of Memory
136: Psychology of Music

125: Behavioral Genetics & Epigenetics

162: Introduction to Personality Psychology

148: Developmental Disorders

126: Health Psychology

168: Abnormal Psychology

137: Neurobiology of Learning & Memory

  159: Gender & Human Reproduction    
*2 units credit for PSC 140 if HDE 100A or HDE 100B has been previously completed.

The elective course can be any PSC course (including those not in Core Groups), or an approved elective course from outside of the PSC Department. Find the approved electives list here.


How to Declare the Minor

Minors can be declared once a student has at least enrolled in all of the classes. So, students will take courses towards the minor before declaring it. Minors are declared online on OASIS under the Forms & Petitions tab,and must be submitted before the 10th day of instruction of the last term. Please contact an adviser if you have any questions!