Internships in Psychology (PSC 192)

Internships in Psychology are an opportunity to get practical experience working in the field of psychology. If you wish to earn units for an internship related to psychology, you may apply for PSC 192 credit. PSC 192 can count toward the Psychology Elective requirement for your Psychology major.
What are internships? Some internships are a formal period of short-term employment designed to help interns foster new skills. Some experiences are not a formal internship, but rather a temporary or part-time job. The purpose of internships, or similar experiences, is to help you learn about a career field, gain skills, and network. These experiences can be paid or voluntary. They can be for units or not. 
The Psychology Department does not place students into internships; however, we do keep a record of the organizations that students have previously done for PSC 192 internship credit. 

How do I sign up for PSC 192?

  • Find an internship that is relevant to the field of psychology. There is a list of internships from previous quarters on the Airtable above. Your internship does not have to be one that is in the list, but it should be related to the field of psychology. Students are responsible for contacting agencies and securing their own internships. This is not done by the Psychology Department.
  • E-mail i, the Psychology internship coordinator, ahead of time to find out if your internship is likely to be approved. This is especially important if it is at a location not listed on the psychology website. 
  • After Dr. Ghetti gives you tentative approval, download the PSC 192 Application. Complete the form, print it, and sign it. 
  • Have your internship supervisor sign the application form. 
  • E-mail Dr. Ghetti your completed application to get official approval for the internship. Please attach the forms (signed by both you and your supervisor) as jpegs or as a pdf to the email.
  • Once approved, Dr. Ghetti will provide you with the CRN for the course.
  • All paperwork must be completed by the 10th day of instruction. If this poses a problem for you, meet with Dr. Ghetti during the first week of the quarter to discuss it. 


What are the Requirements for PSC 192

Download the syllabus for complete information

Other Information about PSC 192

  • PSC 192 is offered in the fall, winter and spring quarters. It is not currently offered during the summer.  
  • PSC 192 offers 1 to 6 units of pass/no pass credit to upper division students who are involved in fieldwork in psychology.  
  • PSC 192 may be repeated once for credit. No more than twelve 192 units are allowed to count towards graduation unit requirements; this includes 192 units taken in other departments. 
  • Only the first six PSC 192 units count towards the upper division units required for the Psychology major. The remainder counts only as part of the upper division units required for graduation. 
  • PSC 192 students must have upper division standing, and we recommend a minimum of five upper division psychology courses (this includes courses taken concurrently with Psychology 192). The point is that you need a strong enough background to tackle the term paper.