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Information for prospective and current undergraduate students, including advising, major/minor information, research opportunities and more.
Prospective Students
Ever wonder why that certain smell brings you back to childhood? Or why you get dizzy after a ride on the merry-go-round? Or how Mozart could compose operas before the age of 10? Discover the answers as a psychology major at UC Davis.
Schedule an appointment with a staff advisor or peer advisor, find advising updates, and find answers to frequently asked advising questions.
Pathways to Graduation
These sample program plans present an overview of courses that students majoring in Psychology must complete to obtain an undergraduate degree within either three or four years. Your program plan will differ, depending on previous credit received, your course schedule, available course offerings, and whether you choose to complete a Bachelors of Art or Science. We strongly encourage students to develop a personal program plan in consultation with an academic adviser.
Getting Involved
Join a club or gain experience through a research lab or internship.
Career Resources
Study Abroad in Psychology and Cognitive Science
Resources for study abroad in the Psychology major
Honors & Awards
Honors and Awards Programs for Undergraduate Students
Undergraduate Announcements