DEI Committee

The Psychology Department Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee is composed of two synergistic branches that meet both separately and together. Here's who we are and what we do.

To request feedback or support from the DEI Committee, please contact the Faculty Branch Chair. 

Student Branch

The Student Branch develops and leads the implementation of new initiatives to continuously shape the program to be conducive for students of all backgrounds. They also advise the leadership of the Psychology Graduate Program on policies and other initiatives. The Vice Chair for Graduate Education (currently Brian Trainor) consults, supports, and advocates for the Student Branch. 

Angela C Scully
Christopher Coleman
Erim Kizildere
Eva Marie Meza
Rashmi Risbud
Rohit Batra
Tommi Afi Mayers
Winkie Ma

Faculty Branch

The Faculty Branch supports, facilitates, and provides resources for our department’s collective work to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion, guided by the mission and approach described here. We hold ourselves accountable for goal progress via monthly newsletters and solicit feedback through annual surveys and our online feedback form.                   

Danielle Stolzenberg (Chair)
Yuko Munakata
Andrew Todd
Ariel Mosley
Charan Ranganath 
Pa Done Yang (staff liaison)
Fernanda Ferreira

DEI Newsletter Archive

Want to know more about the concrete outcomes of our work? To help hold ourselves accountable for making progress on our goals, the Faculty Branch of the DEI Committee emails out bi-monthly newsletter updates on our goal progress as well as DEI initiatives being advanced by other departmental committees. An archive of these newsletters is publicly accessible here