Teaching Resources

Find resources for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in your teaching and mentoring.

Example Diversity Statements

Looking to develop a diversity statement for your lab or course? Click for some examples to get you started.

Addressing Current Events in the Classroom

Did an upsetting, racist, and/or unjust event just happen? We encourage you to acknowledge it rather than ignore it in the classroom. Click for examples of how to do that.

Starter Guide for Diversifying Your Graduate Course

Do you teach a graduate course or are you taking one where you could suggest an article? Consider incorporating suggested readings from this list developed by the Graduate Curriculum Committee, who designed it to provide a simple and straightforward first step toward improving diversity and inclusion in any graduate course in psychology.

Discussion and Reading Questions for Roberts et al. (2020)

A wonderful teaching tool developed by UCD PhD students Leigh Smith and Chris Coleman, designed to guide discussion on the topic of racism and psychological science in conjunction with this article on Racial Inequality in Psychological Research. This resource was initially developed for use in our department's seminar for all first year students, but could be used to guide discussion in any graduate class, seminar, or lab meeting.

Resources from the Spring 2021 Teaching Workshop on Antiracist and Inclusive Practices

Below is your one stop shop for all of the resources from our department-wide spring workshop by the Center for Educational Effectiveness!

Workshop Slides
Antiracism Resources for the Classroom: Strategies and Action Guide
From Safe Spaces to Brave Spaces: A New Way to Frame Dialogue around Diversity and Social Justice

Accessibility and Inclusion in Teaching: Perspectives of Autistic and Neurodivergent Students

Watch this one-hour workshop led by the Aggie Neurodiversity Community to learn about the importance of addressing neurodiversity in inclusion work, hear from autistic UC Davis students about their experiences, and get concrete recommendations for better supporting autistic and disabled students as an instructor or teaching assistant. 

One-on-one Teaching Consultations

Ready to take the next step toward advancing DEI in your undergraduate or graduate course? Want to try something new in your classroom but feel like you could use a little guidance or support? The CEE provides wonderfully helpful, free one-on-one consultations to help you accomplish your teaching goals. Schedule one by clicking the link above.

ACCELERATE Asynchronously 

Take this if you want to level up your teaching to enhance learning and belonging for your students: It's a self-paced, intensive professional development course from the CEE on incorporating equitable and inclusive practices in the classroom. Available free to all members of the UC Davis teaching community.

If you have (positive or negative) feedback about any of the resources listed on this page, or suggestions for something to add, please share it with us via our feedback form here!