Support Systems

Psychology department members and aspiring members can connect to a number of on campus and off campus resources designed to support the professional development, wellbeing, and belonging of historically excluded group members.

Internal Support Systems

Psychology Department Diverse Mentoring Initiative

The Psychology Department provides funding to support graduate students who are engaged in the sustained mentoring of ethnically and racially diverse undergraduate students and/or educational activities that promote diversity and inclusion in psychology. Instructions on how to apply are emailed to graduate students in the fall quarter.

Envision UC Davis for Prospective PhD Students

This campus visit program sponsors California senior undergraduates and recent graduates for a virtual or on campus weekend, allowing them to envision their future as a graduate student at UC Davis. "Envision seeks to eliminate the barriers that prevent underrepresented students from successfully entering and completing graduate school, and encourages applications from individuals who have perspectives or experiences of groups who are historically underrepresented in higher education."

Competitive Edge Summer Bridge Program for Incoming PhD Students

The UC Davis Competitive Edge summer bridge program provides an eight-week “early start” research and professional development program for selected incoming graduate students. Psychology PhD students have participated as both students and peer mentors.

Graduate Students of Color (GSoC) Mentoring Program for Current PhD students

"Through faculty mentorship and other social and academic programming, the GSoC Mentoring Program holistically supports its graduate student participants as they navigate the rigors of graduate school." Sign up to be a mentor or mentee via the link above.

NEW! Graduate Center for Current PhD students and Postdocs

A brand new space designed in collaboration with graduate student and postdoctoral scholar leaders, the Graduate Center "houses resources for mentorship and professional development, advising and financial services, mental health, and much more....public informal spaces, like the graduate commons, quiet writing room, and student parent study lounge are available for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to use between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m."

Center for the Advancement of Multicultural Perspective on Social Science, Arts, and Humanities (CAMPSSAH) for Faculty

A multicultural faculty center created "to support URM faculty especially but also other faculty of color and faculty whose work brings multicultural perspectives in social sciences, humanities and the arts," including the PLACE interdisciplinary hub and writing communities.

UC Davis Support Systems for Specific Communities

LGBTQIA Resource Center

This center provides "an open, safe, inclusive space and community that is committed to challenging sexism, cissexism/trans oppression/transmisogyny, heterosexism, monosexism, and allosexism." Follow on Instagram.

The AB540 and Undocumented Student Center 

This center "strives to empower undocumented students, their families and members of the community in being informed leaders and active participants in our communities" and also provides ally/advocate training programs for educators.

The Native American Academic Student Success Center (NAASSC) 

This center "provides a space for students to explore identity, and have a community on campus" that includes "students, staff, faculty and alumni from a wide variety of tribal backgrounds, experiences and academic interests." Follow on Instagram. Follow on Facebook

First Generation Initiative

An initiative to connect and celebrate first gen students and faculty at UC Davis. Check out the new (paid!) Grad Student Mentorship Program for current grad students to mentor incoming students!

Services for International Students and Scholars

Resources and support for incoming and current international students and scholars and their families.

International House (I-House)

A social gathering space for people to "explore the global issues of our time and to celebrate culture through talks, workshops, seminars, lectures, and events. We operate from a lens of equity, inclusion, access, and diversity – striving to be at the forefront of conversations around social justice, climate change, and many other issues of global importance." Follow in Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

More Student Support Centers

A whole list of student support centers to help you find community and support.

External Support Systems 

The National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity 

NCFDD provides a wealth of resources for professional development and wellbeing that are useful not only to faculty but also students and post docs. Some favorites from our faculty and students include a webinar and resources for Cultivating Your Network of Mentors, Sponsors, and Collaborators (useful at any career stage) and a 14-Day Writing Challenge with built-in accountability systems. Membership is free to UC Davis folks via this portal

The Ebony Tower

This "online community by and for scholars of color" provides supportive resources for those considering graduate school, advice on applying for nationally competitive graduate fellowships, maintaining health and wellness as a graduate student, and much more.

Black in Psych

A platform created "to promote visibility, community, and networking opportunities between Black professionals and trainees across the field of psychology." Follow on Twitter.

Black in Neuro

An organization and movement working to "diversify the neurosciences by building a community that celebrates and empowers Black scholars and professionals in neuroscience-related fields." Follow on Twitter.

Affinity Groups for Social and Personality Psychologists

Members of the Society for Social and Personality Psychology have created a number of spaces for psychologists with shared identities and experiences, including the Black Social and Personality Psychologists Retreat (BLASPR), Connecting Undocumented Social and Personality Psychologists (CUSPP), the GLBT Alliance in Social and Personality Psychology (GASP), networks for multiracial scholars, Latinx scholars, scholars with Southeast Asian heritage, scholars with South Asian heritage, and more.


This page is a work in progress! If you have (positive or negative) feedback about any of the resources listed on this page, or suggestions for other resources to add, please share it with us via our feedback form here.