Internships in Psychology (PSC 192)

Internships in Psychology are an opportunity to get practical experience working in the field of psychology. If you wish to earn units for an internship related to psychology, you may apply for PSC 192 credit. PSC 192 can count toward the Psychology Elective requirement for your Psychology major.

You can find a list of internship sites that previous students have done for PSC 192 credit here.

  • What are internships?
  • Internships look different for everyone depending on the opportunities you find. Generally, internships are a short-term period of formal or informal employment designed to help interns learn about a career field, gain skills, and network. 

    The Psychology Department does not place students into internships. However, we keep a record internships that were previously approved for PSC 192 credit (see bottom of page).

  • How do I sign up for PSC 192?
  • 1. Find an internship that is relevant to the field of psychology. Students are responsible for contacting agencies/orgs and securing their own internships (find examples at bottom of the page). You may email Dr. Geng, the Psychology Internship Coordinator, before submitting an application for PSC 192, to discuss the likelihood of approval. 

    2. Complete the PSC 192 Application form with your supervisor.

    3. Submit the completed form to Dr. Geng via email. If your application is approved, Dr. Geng will provide you with the CRN for the course.

    Deadline: The PSC 192 Application form must be submitted by the 10th day of instruction. If you are unable to meet the deadline, contact Dr. Geng during the first week of the quarter.

  • PSC 192 Syllabus & other information
  • Earning PSC 192 credit requires regular written work integrating the internship experience with research in the psychological sciences. Please contact the instructor for the syllabus and details. 

    Other information about PSC 192
    - PSC 192 is offered in the fall, winter and spring quarters. It is not currently offered during the summer.  
    - PSC 192 offers 1 to 6 units of P/NP credit.
    - PSC 192 is intended for students with upper division standing.  
    - PSC 192 may be taken again, but no more than twice per internship site.
    - A maximum of 12 units of 192 internship credit may be used toward graduation unit requirements, including 192 credit from other departments. 
    - A maximum of 6 units of PSC 192 may be applied to the PSC Electives Requirement in the major.  
    - PSC 192 students must have upper division standing, and we recommend a minimum of five upper division psychology courses (this includes courses taken concurrently with Psychology 192). The point is that you need a strong enough background to tackle the term paper. 

For further questions, contact Dr. Joy Geng, Psychology Professor & Internship Coordinator.