Graduate Student Funding and Financial Support

All Psychology Graduate Students are funded through a combination of Teaching Assistantships, Graduate Student Researcher positions and fellowships. Students who accept employment in these positions are provided with full Registration Fee Remission paid by the University. This credit does not always include the Nonresident tuition fees.

Teaching Assistantships

The Department of Psychology hires 50% Teaching Assistants (TA). The student is expected to work 20 hours per week for 12 weeks per quarter. TAs receive a full remission of their health insurance/student services health fee, registration and educational fees. Local fees, including GSA fee, Memorial Union fee, facilities and campus enhancement fee, and student services sfety fee, totaling $261.00 (subject to change each year), are not included in the fee remission. For up-to-date information on fees, see

Graduate Student Researcher Assistantships

Graduate Student Research assistantships (GSR) are awarded by individual faculty members from faculty research grants. GSR positions are negotiated with your major professor during the admission process, or prior to the beginning of each quarter. All Registration fees and Nonresident tuition will be covered under the UC Fee Remission program for any GSR appointment of 25% or greater.

Entering Students: Internal Fellowships


You are responsible for applying for financial assistance. Please refer to the University fellowship application below for an outline of available scholarships and fellowships and the fellowship application form. The Psychology Graduate Program awards a small number of fellowships through a University Block-Grant allocation; including nonresident tuition fee fellowships. Fellowships are awarded on academic merit and are therefore very competitive. The application deadline, for admission and fellowship, in Psychology is December  This deadline overrides any deadlines that may be posted by the Office of Graduate Studies. To be considered for a fellowship you must submit a University electronic application for graduate admission by the December 1 deadline. Supporting materials must include:

  • University fellowship application (please ignore the January 15th deadline, this applies to currently enrolled students only) 
  • Statement of Purpose and personal statement - the same statement of  purpose that is used for the admissions evaluation, a second statement is not necessary 
  • Academic Record - official transcripts, only one set for both admission and fellowship consideration
  • GRE Scores 
  • Letters of Recommendation - three letters of recommendation, only one  set for both admission and fellowship consideration are required

Continuing Students: Internal Fellowships

The annual deadline for fellowships is December 1. All applications will be submitted electronically. Hard copy materials will not be accepted. Please follow the instructions carefully to avoid being disqualified. Required application materials consist of:
  • Electronic Fellowship Application
  • Major Professor Letter of Recommendation (you must register your major professor as a recommender on the electronic application)
  • Two additional Letters of Recommendation (Note for first year students: you may use two letters from your admissions application. However you must register them as recommenders on the electronic application and they must submit their letter electronically)
  • Transcripts (provided by the Psychology Graduate Coordinator) 
  • Resume or Curriculum vitae

Work Study and Financial Aid

Financial aid is available. Please contact the UCD Financial Aid Office at (530) 752-2390 for information and deadlines. The Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA) is available by the beginning of January Be sure to complete the application by the March deadline. Your eligibility will be determined and forwarded to the UC Davis Financial Aid Office. Other federal student assistance might be found through the US Dept. of Education, Office of Postsecondary Information. Work study funds are allocated to graduate programs in the form of a work study block grant. These funds are awarded to students in their programs. In order to be eligible you must be: determined financially eligible by the Financial Aid Office; be a US Citizen or Resident; and be selected for a graduate student researcher assistantship of 25% or more by a UCD faculty member. Your major professor should make a request to the Graduate Program Coordinator for these funds in the spring for the following academic year, confirming that the matching funds are available. Awards will be made for either 25% or 50%. In addition to the financial eligibility requirement, students must be eligible for employment as a UC Davis graduate student.

FAFSA: Graduate applicants are strongly encouraged to file a "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (FAFSA) as early as possible but not later than the March deadline. This form, submitted directly to the Federal Student Aid Program Office, Iowa City, Iowa, is used to determine eligibility for financial aid funds, including Work-Study and other "need-based" fellowships. The FAFSA is also required for eligibility to receive university and departmental fellowships. FAFSA forms are available at
NOTE: FAFSA is required for eligibility to receive a university or departmental fellowships. We strongly recommend that all domestic applicants submit a FAFSA by the March deadline.

Fellowships and Other Resources

The Office of Graduate Studies keeps a list of fellowships and grants available to continuing graduate students. You can find out more about these by checking their listing regularly. The Office of Graduate Studies has just started to post on-campus postdoctoral opportunities. Check this listing regularly if you are interested in finding postdocs with UC Davis investigators.

Other useful links of funding sources: Searchable Databases

Funding Sources for Specific Needs or Interests