Undergraduate Students

Psychology is an interdisciplinary program that examines both the social and scientific bases of behavior, and as a premier research institution, UC Davis is home to many leading researchers in the field. In humans, animals and computer models, and from neurons to relationships to cultures, the science of psychology is focused on understanding how, when and why we do what we do. Psychology majors from UC Davis are prepared to enter fields such as business, government or personnel work, or to pursue higher levels of education.

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Graduate and professional schools in general are not concerned with the kind of degree you possess but rather with the courses you have taken…
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Brown Bag Series

Each Psychology Area has a brown bag lecture series.  
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Academic Advising

For questions about studying Psychology at UCD as an undergraduate, contact our Academic Advisers.

Five Major Areas of Emphasis

  • Perception, Cognition, and Cognitive Neuroscience involves the study of awareness and thought, and includes topics such as perception, learning, memory and consciousness. 
  • Biological Psychology involves the study of the biological correlates of behavior and includes topics such as physiological psychology, sensory processes, health psychology and animal behavior. 
  • Social-Personality Psychology involves the study of the individual in his or her social environment and includes topics such as personality theory, abnormal psychology, individual differences, developmental psychology and social psychology. 
  • Developmental Psychology includes imaging the developing brain, children's psychological understanding or theory of mind (e.g., knowledge about people's thoughts, beliefs, desires and emotions), children’s language development and children's social development. 
  • Quantitative Psychology includes experimental design and the analysis of variance, regression analysis and multivariate analysis. 

Choosing an A.B. or B.S. Degree

The department offers the Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) program  for students interested in the liberal arts and the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) programs geared for students with an interest in either biology or mathematics. The main objective of both programs is a broad introduction to the scope of contemporary psychology. The B.S. and A.B. degrees are equally acceptable for students interested in graduate school and pre-professional programs. If you are genuinely interested in math or the natural sciences, you may prefer to go the B.S. route. The A.B. degree may be attractive to students interested in earning a minor or perhaps pursuing a double major, and for students who desire more freedom when choosing their elective psychology courses. The department strongly encourages students to become involved in individual research projects under the direction of faculty members, and to participate in our internship program to broaden your experiences and understanding of the field of psychology.