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Lecturer Priscilla San Souci Receives 2021 Teaching Award

Psychology Lecturer Priscilla San Souci Received a 2021 Teaching Award from the College of Letters and Science

Dr. Priscilla San Souci, Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, received a 2021 Distinguished Teaching Award from the UC Davis College of Letters and Science. This award aims to recognize outstanding teaching performance. Dr. San Souci has been teaching as a Lecturer in the Department of Psychology since 2015 and has established a reputation as a superlative undergraduate instructor with outstanding teaching capabilities, course content, and student impact. Dr. San Souci teaches some of the most challenging undergraduate courses in our curriculum: PSC 1 (General Psychology) numbering up to 600 students, PSC 41 (Research Methods), a demanding gateway course for majors, PSC 140 (Developmental Psychology) and PSC 141 (Cognitive Development)-core courses for the major. The content of Dr. San Souci's courses is characterized by clear expectations, student-friendly organization, thoughtfully structured requirements to promote student learning, and a welcoming environment. The College of Letters and Science recognized her capacity to engage diverse student audiences, even during the current year of online learning, and to inspire them with state-of-the-art teaching methods as they become familiar with current ideas in psychology.