Professor Charan Ranganath Publishes Widely Acclaimed Book "Why We Remember"

The Book is a New York Times and Los Angeles Times Bestseller

In "Why We Remember," Professor Charan Ranganath radically reframes the way we think about memory. Combining accessible language with cutting-edge research, he reveals the surprising ways our brains record the past and how we use that information to understand who we are in the present, and to imagine and plan for the future.

As Professor Ranganath describes in his book, memory is a highly transformative force that shapes how we experience the world in often invisible and sometimes destructive ways.

Including fascinating studies and examples from pop culture, and drawing on Ranganath’s life as a scientist, father, and child of immigrants, "Why We Remember" is a captivating read that unveils the hidden role memory plays throughout our lives.

The book has received widespread media acclaim and coverage by the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, Wall Street Journal, PBS NewsHour, The Guardian, and other media outlets.