Eva Meza


Position Title
PhD student


Eva Meza (emmeza@ucdavis.edu) is a current 3rd year P.h.D student in the Attraction and Relationship Lab working with Dr. Paul Eastwick. Her research interests include ideal partner preferences, infidelity, gender ideologies, Latinx relationships, and microculture. Eva graduated from UC Riverside with her B.A. in Psychology. During her undergraduate, she worked with Dr. Khaleel Razak investigating seizures in Fragile X mice. During her gap year, she joined the Brauer Group Lab at UW Madison working as a research assistant examining intergroup processes and interventions. 

Eva is very passionate about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) as evidenced through her current and previous positions as a member of the Psychology DEI committee, DEI consultant for the Graduate Center, DEI ambassador for Graduate Studies, and participating in the Diverse Mentoring Initiative. She also began a club, Latinx Success Network for Latinx graduate students to build community and encourage community service.