Ruohan Xia

Ruohan's Headshot

Position Title
PhD Candidate

Center for Mind and Brain, 202 Cousteau Pl, Davis CA 95616

Ruohan Xia ( is a 4th year PhD Candidate in the Brain and Social Cognition Lab. Grew up in China, Ruohan came the US for her Bachelor's degree at University of Wisconsin - Madison, where she studied cross-cultural gestural differences and development of math anxiety. She received her Master's degree in Applied Developmental Science at University of Virginia, where she explore the innovative method of hyperscanning EEG during parent-child interactions. Currently, she is working on uncovering the neural and caregiver mechanisms of emotion perception in infants and young children with cross-sectional and longitudinal designs. 

Education and Degree(s)
  • M.A., Psychology, University of California, Davis, 2023
  • M.Ed., Educational Psychology in Applied Developmental Science, University of Virginia, 2020
  • B.A., Psychology, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2018
Honors and Awards
  • College of Letters and Science Dean's Graduate Summer Fellowship, 2022
  • Psychology Department Summer Fellowship, 2022
  • Early Graduate Career Fellowship, 2021
  • Provost First Year Fellowship, 2020
Research Interests & Expertise
  • Emotion perception/understanding
  • Caregiver-child interactions
  • R.Xia*, Heise, M.J., & Bowman, L.C. (2024). Parental emotionality is related to preschool children's neural responses to emotional faces. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 19(1), nsad078