Victoria Cross

Victoria Cross Portrait

Position Title
Associate Professor of Teaching Psychology

267 Young Hall


  • Ph.D., Psychology, UC Davis, 1999
  • B.S. (cum laude), Psychology, minor in Biology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, 1989

Research Focus

Evidence based implementation of instructional innovations to improve the teaching of all the undergraduates at UC Davis. More information on my research.

Instructional Innovations.
Making use of current communication technologies to improve student access to and understanding of course content.

Student Demographics.
Not all students are the same. I am tracking student demographics and academic performance to understand what differences impact likelihood of thriving at university.

Current research questions:
What are beneficial instructional interventions to help all students improve their ability to think critically about internal validity?
What is the pattern of critical thinking skill development during an undergraduate degree?
Do students with different academic preparation develop critical thinking skills differently?
What are the academic risk factors to developing critical thinking skills?


The courses I teach emphasize critical thinking and scientific reasoning. More information on my teaching.

PSC12Y Data Visualization in the Social Sciences
PSC041 Research Methods in Psychology
PSC100(Y) Cognitive Psychology
PSC140 Developmental Psychology
PSC141 Cognitive Development