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Slate article spotlights Bleidorn research

Study looks at motherhood and self-esteem.

A study led by Weibke Bleidorn, associate professor of psychology, was featured recently in a Slate Magazine blog "XXfactor: What Women Really Think."

The blog article, "A New Study Looks at What Becoming a Mother Does to Your Self-Esteem," reports on a forthcoming paper by Bleidorn and colleagues in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.  

"The team, led by psychologist Weibke Bleidorn, asked almost 85,000 pregnant women to fill out questionnaires at intervals during their pregnancies and the first few years of their children’s lives," reports Slate writer Rebecca Onion. "The results showed a consistent pattern: 'Self-esteem decreased during pregnancy, increased [after birth] until the child was 6 months old and then gradually decreased over following years.'"