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Journal issue focuses on brain plasticity

“Current Perspectives on Neuroplasticity in Human Development,” a special issue of the journal Cognitive Development edited by Professor Susan Rivera, is available for free online access until Sept. 29.

The issue is based on a 2015 annual meeting of the Jean Piaget Society in Toronto that examined how experiences and biology interact to shape brain development. Rivera, a professor in the Department of Psychology and the Center for Mind and Brain, was a lead organizer of the international society’s meeting.

“The current special issue of Cognitive Development is designed to provide cutting-edge theoretical and empirical contributions on developmental neuroplasticity,” Rivera writes in the introduction.

The issue’s lead article, “Plasticity may change inputs as well as processes, structures, and responses,” is written by Lisa Oakes, a professor at the Center for Mind and Brain, and a professor and vice chair of the Department of Psychology.

Read the issue during the free-access period. After Sept. 29, access to the issue will require a subscription to the quarterly journal.