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Professor Katharine Graf Estes Receives 2021 Teaching Award

Professor Graf Estes Received a College of Letters and Science Teaching Award for 2021

Dr. Katharine Graf Estes, Associate Professor of Psychology, received a 2021 Teaching Award from the UC Davis College of Letters and Science. This award aims to recognize outstanding teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level, inside and outside the classroom, including activities such as running laboratories, guiding research, professionalization, and assistance with the job market.

Dr. Graf Estes received this award for her remarkable excellence in undergraduate and graduate teaching and mentoring. Dr. Graf Estes uses highly interactive and innovative techniques to create rare and inspiring teaching experiences for students taking her courses. As a result, she has been very successful at generating and sustaining undergraduate student enthusiasm for the course material even in very large courses of 350+ students, such as Developmental Psychology (PSC 140). In particular, Dr. Graf Estes has excelled at transitioning her courses online during the COVID-19 pandemic and creating engaging and interesting courses that students continue to enjoy during the pandemic. Furthermore, Dr. Graf Estes excels at recruiting and mentoring students who are underrepresented in academia, helping them fulfill their academic potential.