Professor Ledgerwood Receives Award from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Alison Ledgerwood was selected as the most recent recipient of The Society for Personality and Social Psychology's (SPSP's) Award for Distinguished Service to the Society. The award "recognizes distinguished service specifically to SPSP. Distinguished service may be in terms of a particular, significant activity that benefited the Society or cumulative contributions, performed over time, to the Society. The Society recognizes that service comes in many forms, and this award expresses the Society's appreciation of distinctive contributions."

Professor Ledgerwood's research investigates how people's attitudes and experiences are shaped by the social context. Her lab seeks to answer questions such as: When and why do people get stuck in negative or positive ways of thinking about something? To what extent do people's ideas about what they like and dislike map onto what they actually like? And how can scientists design better systems for conducting, analyzing, and reporting research that foster open, inclusive, and cumulative science?