Nicholas Christopher-Hayes

Nicholas Christopher-Hayes Portrait


  • PhD (in progress), Psychology, University of California, Davis
  • BA, Psychology, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Research Focus

My research interests primarily focus on the neural correlates of relational memory and attention.


Christopher-Hayes, N.J., Embury, C. M., Wiesman, A.I., May, P.E., Schantell, M., Johnson, C.M., Wolfson, S.L., Murman, D.L., Wilson, T.W. (2023). Piecing it together: hippocampal subfield profiles relate to cognitive impairment along the Alzheimer's disease spectrum. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, Section Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias.

Picci, G., Christopher-Hayes, N.J., Petro, N.M., Taylor, B.K., Eastman, J.A., Frenzel, M.R., Wang, Y.-P., Stephen, J.M., Calhoun, V.D., Wilson, T.W. (2022). Amygdala and hippocampal subregions mediate outcomes following trauma during typical development: Evidence from high-resolution structural MRI. Neurobiology of Stress.

Christopher-Hayes, N.J., Lew, B.J., Wiesman, A.I., Schantell, M., O'Neill, J., May, P.E., Swindells, S., Wilson, T.W. (2021). Cannabis use impacts pre-stimulus neural activity in the visual cortices of people with HIV. Human Brain Mapping.

Wiesman, A.I., Christopher-Hayes, N.J., Wilson, T.W. (2021b). Stairway to memory: Left-hemispheric alpha dynamics index the progressive loading of items into a short-term store. NeuroImage 235, 118024.

Wiesman, A.I., Murman, D.L., Losh, R.A., Schantell, M., Christopher-Hayes, N.J., Johnson, H.J., Willet, M.P., Wolfson, S.L., Losh, K.L., Johnson, C.M., May, P.E., Wilson, T.W. (2021). Spatially resolved neural slowing predicts impairment and amyloid burden in Alzheimer’s disease. BRAIN.

Warren, D.E., Rangel, A.J., Christopher-Hayes, N.J., Eastman, J.A., Frenzel, M.R., Stephen, J.M., Calhoun, V.D., Wang, Y., Wilson, T.W. (2021). Resting‚Äêstate functional connectivity of the human hippocampus in periadolescent children: Associations with age and memory performance. Human Brain Mapping.


PSY 135, Cognitive Neuroscience (Graduate Teaching Assistant)

PSY 103, Statistical Analysis of Psychological Data (Graduate Teaching Assistant)

PSY 146, The Development of Memory (Graduate Teaching Assistant)


Learning-Memory-Plasticity (LaMP) Program, NIH T32 MH112507, Role: Doctoral Student Trainee