Undergraduate Psychology Association (UPA)

Undergraduate club open to all Psychology majors and minors!

What is the UPA?

The Undergraduate Psychology Association is an organization founded for the purpose of encouraging and giving psychology majors and those interested in the science the knowledge and resources to expand themselves in the field.

Benefits of the UPA?

• Networking with professionals, professors, and graduate students in desired fields
• Professional guest speakers to answer any questions about specific fields in psychology- including education requirements, careers, etc.
• Information and aid with preparing for graduate school or the job field
• Internship and research opportunities
• Reference building and additions to resume
• Study group/ tutoring connections
• Socials/ mixers with other organizations
• Community service
• Graduation Chords

Meetings/ How to join?

The next meeting will be January 26th, from 6-7pm usually in Olson 106. We will be giving an introduction to the UPA and giving information about Undergraduate Research opportunities.

Members of the UPA attend the regular meetings, pay a small annual fee of $15, and participate in community service dealing in the field of psychology.


President: Jovy Orbon

Vice President: Kaelen Goldstein

Vice President in Training:
Loven Kang

Treasurer/Fundraising Chair: Mithra Bhadha

Treasurer in Training: Rachel Suk

Secretary: Christine Quecan cpquecan@ucdavis.edu

Publicity Representatives: Janae Stewart

Nha Troung

Melinda Tran