Agent-Based Models Lab (Schank)

This lab uses agent-based models to understand the behavior of individuals and populations in social and evolutionary settings. The lab facilitates the use of agent-based modeling as a general theoretical and methodological tool for analyzing behavior.

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Research Topics

Human Mate Choice

We are analyzing models of human mate choice based on the influence of physical attractiveness on partner preference. Future models may incorporate individual differences and adaptation.

Evolutionary Game Theory

We are investigating properties of space, movement strategies, and environmental structure on the dynamics of evolutionary games including the Prisoner’s Dilemma and the Ultimatum Game.

Rat World

We have created biorobotic models and used genetic algorithms to evolve models of rat pup aggregation. We are currently working to develop agent-based models of adult rat behavior in standard laboratory paradigms.

Primate World

We are working with colleagues at the California National Primate Center to develop models of group formation in titi monkeys and rhesus macaques. These models will take into account individual differences such as behavioral syndromes and health information. Other models also investigate the behavior of foraging groups.